Tips and Tricks for Getting More Gold and Upgrades

Mobile Strike is a newcomer game in the MMO strategy scene. From the makers of Game of War: Fire Age, this game is truly something worth trying. Establish your base and form alliances with other players. You could also decimate your enemies if you want. Here are a few tips and tricks that you may need as you get started.

Since missions are everything, try to prioritize them. As you build buildings, train your troops and invest on research too. Early missions will still take short time to complete so enjoy it while you’re still at it. Pursue base missions but don’t forget VIP, alliance, and daily missions. They are equally useful and fast to complete. Also, do not forget to collect your rewards at once after you complete missions so you won’t have to do it all at once.

Compared to other games where resources are restricted, you could build as many buildings as you like in this game. Place as much buildings as you can afford but be sure to keep it balanced. Have the same number of the different resources so you would not encounter problems. Also remember to upgrade your warehouse from time to time to safely store your resources.

Consider joining an alliance. Everything is better when you are a part of a team. Gain gold bonuses and have new friends. You may also generate unlimited gold by using the gold generator for Mobile Strike. This way, new objectives and missions could also be unlocked which would allow you to raid enemy outposts. It is also a good thing that whenever someone from the alliance buys an in-app item, everyone will get a reward.

Attack the bases of people who are no longer playing the game. You could get instant profit without risking reprisal.

Connect your Facebook account to the game to unlock a gold mine. Use it to give gold to your friends and your alliance members. In return, you might even receive presents!